Hand-Picked Remota Chosen to Operate and Manage Newbuild Unmanned Surface Vessel

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Norwegian company Remota has been contracted by USV to operate and manage offshore operations for its newbuild unmanned surface vessel (USV). The USV, which will be remotely controlled from Remota’s Remote Operations Centre in Norway, has the potential to significantly reduce carbon emissions during subsea inspection, maintenance, and repair work. Remota operates multiple remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and underwater drones from its centre and sees expanding its services to USVs as a natural next step. The company aims to drive down operating costs and emissions for the marine and offshore industries. The newbuild USV is estimated to reduce CO2 emissions by over 90% compared to conventional offshore vessels through its low weight, hybrid-electric propulsion system, remote operations, and autonomous features. It will be ready for operations in 2025 and will be used by DeepOcean for subsea IMR and survey work in the offshore renewables and oil and gas industries.

Remota also recently secured agreements with ferry operators to develop remote marine operations and semi-autonomous and autonomous operations of ships. The company aims to help operators become remote-ready and operate on demand from its Remote Operations Centres, offering a cost-efficient way to reduce costs, energy consumption, and emissions, while increasing efficiency and safety.

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