Singapore detained Gatik tankers in May over security concerns

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Last month, the port authority in Singapore detained the Gabonese-flagged tanker Lefkada for three days due to identified safety and equipment maintenance issues. The vessel is owned by Gatik Ship Management, which is a major carrier of Russian oil to India. The inspection was part of random checks and Lefkada was managed by India-based Zidan Ship Management who handled the vessel’s safety and environmental issues, while commercial operations were managed by Gatik.

The oil tanker was released on May 13 after its safety issues were addressed. Mumbai-based Gatik has recently rebranded and reclassified its vessels after international agencies withdrew certification and insurance coverage. According to the public shipping database Equasis, Zidan is responsible for the safety and environmental issues of the ship. The ship was en route to India after loading Russian Sokol crude oil near South Korea’s port of Yeosu. The news of the safety inspection comes after the supertanker Pablo caught fire in waters off Malaysia’s south coast on May 1.



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