Singapore MPA will not renew New Maritime’s bunker license

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New Maritime’s bunker boat operator license will not be renewed after it expires on June 16, 2023, according to a circular from the Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore (MPA). Effective from June 17, New Maritime will no longer be allowed to operate bunker boats in the waters of the world’s largest bunker port. The reason for New Maritime’s non-renewal of its bunker boat operating license was not stated in the circular, but the MPA warned that it has no tolerance for fraud, corruption or misconduct in bunkering.

The MPA reminded bunker license holders, both bunker suppliers and boat operators, to adhere strictly to the license terms. It warned of vigorous action against any bunker supplier or bunker boat operator found to violate bunker license terms, including considering such violations when considering whether to extend, suspend or cancel the bunker license(s) and/or take enforcement action against that bunker licensee. Singapore is the world’s largest bunker port, and the MPA takes a strict stance on regulating activities. In 2020, Glencore Singapore’s bunkering license was suspended for two months over the delivery of contaminated fuel.

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