Stena Line Acquires 49% of Shares in Africa Morocco Link (AML) Ferry Company

Stena Line has acquired 49 percent of shares in ferry company Africa Morocco Link (AML), operating routes between Tangier and Algeciras. CEO Niclas Mårtensson sees the strait of Gibraltar as a strategic location for growth in global trade and freight volumes. The agreement is pending approval by Moroccan authorities.
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Stena Line has announced its acquisition of 49 percent of the shares in Africa Morocco Link (AML), a ferry company based in Morocco. AML operates a ferry route between Tanger Med – Algeciras and will soon launch a new highspeed route between Tangier Ville and Tarifa, catering to both freight and travel customers as well as passengers and cars.

Niclas Mårtensson, CEO at Stena Line, highlighted the strategic importance of the strait of Gibraltar for passengers traveling between Africa and Europe, as well as for global trade. He expressed optimism about the growth potential in the area due to positive industrial growth and international trade in Morocco, expecting healthy freight market growth over the next decade.

The agreement between Stena Line and AML is pending approval by Moroccan authorities, with Mårtensson emphasizing the exciting opportunities in the region for both companies. The development of the routes, ports, and surrounding industries are expected to drive further growth in the freight market, making it a promising area for operations in the coming years.

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