Studio 30 50 Expands to Europe with Copenhagen Cohort in May 2024

Backed by Hafnia, DNV, IMC Ventures, Microsoft, and Wilhelmsen, Studio 30 50 conducts cohorts for pre-idea founders and early-stage start-ups, with a focus on MaritimeTech. The upcoming cohort in Copenhagen aims to connect industry leaders and drive start-up formation through experimentation and development. Applications for the May 2024 cohort are still open.
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Studio 30 50, supported by Hafnia, DNV, IMC Ventures, Microsoft, and Wilhelmsen, organizes cohorts for pre-idea founders, early-stage startups, and returning entrepreneurs. The cohorts have been held in Singapore, but the company has chosen Copenhagen for its first European cohort due to its status as a thriving startup hub and the presence of industry leaders in the area. The venture studio model has successfully connected founders, facilitated experimentation, and accelerated the iteration cycle, leading to the formation of new startups in the MaritimeTech sector.

The upcoming Copenhagen cohort, scheduled for May 2024, has already attracted over 40 applicants, with applications still being accepted. Since its launch in Singapore, Studio 30 50 has worked with 19 pre-idea founders and six pre-revenue startups in various maritime sectors. The company’s innovative approach to fostering entrepreneurship and collaboration has shown promising results, and it is expanding its reach to new locations to continue supporting the growth of startups in the maritime industry.

Studio 30 50’s success in Singapore has demonstrated the effectiveness of its venture studio model in bringing MaritimeTech innovations to life. By providing support to entrepreneurs at different stages of their startup journey, the company has created a dynamic environment for experimentation and development. With the support of key industry players and strategic partnerships, Studio 30 50 is poised to continue driving the growth of startups in the maritime sector, with the upcoming Copenhagen cohort being a significant milestone in its expansion efforts.

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