Subsea services company creates “extraordinary” projects Model of the wreck of the Titanic

Subsea services company creates "extraordinary" projects Model of the wreck of the Titanic
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Deep-sea ROV services company Magellan has created the most detailed survey of the Titanic’s wreckage to date. The team spent six weeks scanning the ship using offshore vessels and ROVs to create a 3D model precise enough to show the serial number on its propeller. The project involved collecting over 700,000 images, and for the first time, the ship can be viewed in its entirety in a single image at high resolution. The model offers clues to the ship’s final moments and an accurate baseline of its condition that will deteriorate over time in the marine environment.

Magellan partnered with Atlantic Productions to create a documentary about the endeavour. The model reveals new details about the wreckage that have never been seen before. Titanic researcher Parks Stephenson called the 3D model “an accurate and truthful representation of the entire wreckage and debris site”.

While not the largest or deadliest shipwreck on record, fascination with the Titanic has only grown over the years. News of the Magellan model has drawn attention from around the world. Stephenson adds that it allows people to see the Titanic wreck “in context and in perspective” in a way that hasn’t been possible before. The Magellan project is a remarkable, labour-intensive achievement that provides an unparalleled view of the final resting place of a legendary ship.

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