Swiss and Japanese firms partner on ammonia-powered ships

WinGD and Mitsubishi Shipbuilding are collaborating on ammonia fueled vessels
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Swiss shipping company WinGD and Japanese shipbuilder Mitsubishi Shipbuilding have joined forces to develop ammonia-powered ships. This partnership will see WinGD apply its ammonia-fueled X-DF-A engines to a variety of ship designs, while Mitsubishi will design the ships and complete the fuel chain with its Ammonia Fuel Supply System (AFSS).

Green ammonia is a low-emission fuel that has emerged as an attractive alternative to traditional fossil fuels. This development enables both companies to gain an essential advantage in being first-movers who have adopted ammonia for marine engines to meet the IMO’s decarbonization targets.

As part of the partnership, WinGD will develop X-DF-A engines in different sizes, with Mitsubishi providing specifications for engine installation and auxiliary fuel systems. Furthermore, Mitsubishi will design the ships and specify the engines’ performance parameters, significantly improving its AFSS for use with WinGD’s ammonia engines. The project is expected to get underway in the third quarter of 2023, and the ships are expected to be in full operation by 2027.

In conclusion, this collaboration is a timely opportunity for WinGD and Mitsubishi to enhance their capacity to provide ammonia-fueled capacity to commercial vessels while maintaining the highest environmental impact and crew safety standards on board. This project is an indication that the maritime industry is making strides toward its decarbonization goals. Through their partnership, these companies hope to demonstrate that sustainable transport is the future, and the use of ammonia can lead to low-emission ships that are both environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

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