Intertanko Survey Highlights Seafarer Satisfaction and Concerns

Tanker owners' association Intertanko conducted a survey with over 5,400 seafarers, revealing high satisfaction levels with their careers. Workload was a major concern, with Filipinos most likely to feel overwhelmed. Female officers reported gender-based misconduct. Many seafarers aim to transition to shore-based roles due to family reasons and workload. Resilience among Filipino seafarers was noted.
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Intertanko, a tanker owners’ association, conducted a survey of over 5,400 crewmembers from the global fleet to gauge their satisfaction and concerns. While issues such as harassment, working hours, and workload were highlighted, the majority of seafarers expressed contentment with their careers and a desire to further their professional qualifications.

The survey focused on junior officers on tank vessels, with the majority being Filipino, Indian, and Greek. Workload emerged as a major concern, with 76 percent feeling overwhelmed by their tasks. Filipinos reported the highest motivation and satisfaction with their employment contracts, work-life balance, and shipboard conditions, as well as being the likeliest to recommend a seafaring career to others.

One concerning trend was the high percentage of female officers reporting misconduct based on gender. Discrimination based on nationality and appearance was also highlighted. Recruitment, training, and retention were also examined, with challenges in getting sufficient sea time and a desire among many seafarers to transition to shore-based employment due to family reasons, excessive workload, and better opportunities. The importance of ensuring high-quality employment conditions and focusing on seafarers’ welfare and development was emphasized.

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