Three Crew Members Killed in Muara Baru as Ships Catch Fire

Three crew members tragically died in a boat fire at Muara Baru Penjaringan pier in North Jakarta. The victims, including the ship's mechanic and freezer mechanic, were unable to save themselves. The fire was believed to have started from an explosion in the ship's freezer during fish loading and unloading.
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Three crew members tragically lost their lives after three boats caught fire at the Muara Baru Penjaringan pier in North Jakarta on May 5. The victims, identified as Antonius Monas, Hendri, and Khoirul Umam, were unable to save themselves when the ships caught fire. The cause of the fire is believed to be an explosion in one of the ship’s freezers during the loading and unloading of fish. The three vessels involved in the incident were the KM Rezeki Abundant 18, the KM Bahari, and the KM Rezeki Malindo.

The Jakarta Fire and Rescue Agency deployed 13 fire trucks and 65 personnel to extinguish the fire, which was reported around 2:47 p.m. and fully extinguished at 10:49 p.m. The estimated loss from the fire is reported to be around Rp 3 billion. The bodies of the victims were discovered by the fire and rescue team the following morning. The fire chief, Satriadi Gunawan, explained that the freezing machine on one of the ships exploded during the fish loading and unloading process.

The tragic incident highlights the dangers faced by crew members working on ships, with the victims identified as the ship’s mechanic, freezer mechanic, and head of the engine room. The quick response of the fire and rescue team helped to contain and extinguish the fire, preventing further damage. The cause of the explosion in the ship’s freezer is still under investigation, emphasizing the importance of safety measures in maritime operations to prevent such accidents in the future.

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