The Seafarers Hospital Society launches a free health counseling guide

The cover of the Seafarer Health Consultation Guide, featuring a seafarer  looking out to sea from a vessel
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The Seafarers Hospital Society (SHS) has released a guide aimed at bridging the communication gap between healthcare professionals and seafarers. The guide contains detailed information about the risks of working at sea and the health requirements mandated by the Maritime Labor Convention. Seafarers are advised about how to communicate their health issues to healthcare professionals and the importance of informing their employers of medical recommendations. The healthcare professionals who use the guide will learn more about the health concerns of sailors, from long stays at sea to exposure to hazards and illnesses both on board and in port. They will also learn about seafarers’ fitness requirements and the need to speed up medical examinations on shore.

SHS trustee Dr Tim Carter said that seafarers struggle to communicate their specific healthcare needs to their healthcare providers. He suggested that few doctors are aware of the fitness requirements that seafarers must comply with and the importance of speed in providing medical treatment and examinations. Dr Charlotte Mendes Da Costa, SHS trustee, said that this guide is necessary because seafarers’ health needs are usually overlooked for different reasons. She added that the guide is a great resource for healthcare providers that work with seafarers.

Sandra Welch, CEO of the Seafarers Hospital Society, said that the communication gap between seafarers and their families and healthcare providers is an urgent issue. She expressed hope that the Seafarer Health Consultation Guide, which is freely available online, would improve communication by making it easier for healthcare providers and seafarers to access information that will assist them in providing effective care.

The Seafarer Health Consultation Guide is available in both electronic and printable versions which can be downloaded from this link: It is comprehensive but written in plain English, making it a valuable resource for anyone who works with seafarers.

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