The ship veered off course before reaching the Baltimore Bridge

Ship Dali bridge collision photo
The Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore collapsed after a container ship, Dali, crashed into a support column. Two rescued, one injured, and seven missing. Ship lost control, hit bridge, and caused collapse. Ship had propulsion issues, resulting in collision. Ship lacked tugboat escort, limited braking ability. Updates to follow.
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The Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore collapsed after a container ship named Dali crashed into a primary support column, leading to two people being rescued and seven people currently missing. The incident is considered the worst bridge collision in the United States since the Tampa Skyway Bridge disaster in 1980. The ship lost control as it was leaving port and collided with the bridge in the early morning hours.

The crew on board the container ship Dali alerted Maryland officials that they had lost control of the ship, leading to the collision with the bridge. The vessel hit the southwest support column at a speed of 7.6 knots, causing a complete collapse of the bridge. Despite attempts to restore power, the ship was unable to stop or prevent the collision due to the power outage.

The ship was not required to have a tugboat escort when passing under the Francis Scott Key Bridge, limiting its ability to brake on its own in case of a power outage. The ship’s bow thruster, typically used for slow maneuvers, was unable to prevent the collision. Photos of the ship show the port anchor thrown out, but it is unclear if it was dropped before or after the collision. Updates on the incident will continue to be provided as more details emerge.

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