The Significance of Crew Training in Ensuring Efficient BWTS Operations

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Norwegian ballast water treatment system (BWTS) supplier, Optimarin, has developed an online training program called OptiLearn to educate ship crews on effective ballast water management. The program provides technical insight, operational expertise, and regulatory knowledge to avoid compliance issues and ensure smooth ballasting operations. Over 1200 participants have completed the OptiLearn courses with positive feedback. In addition to the online training, Optimarin offers training on system simulators at various onshore locations and through service engineers during BWTS commissioning onboard. The purpose of this training is to give crews a good understanding of the system’s functionality, operation, and maintenance requirements to ensure correct operation and compliance with regulations.

Many ship crews are still on a learning curve when it comes to ballast water treatment, as it only became a regulatory requirement in September 2017. The improper operation of a BWTS can result in environmental damage, financial consequences, and heavy fines from port states. Crew knowledge is essential for compliance, as different ballast water testing requirements exist in various parts of the world. Inefficient ballasting can also lead to costly delays at port, affecting voyage schedules and delivery times. Furthermore, a lack of operational competence can result in damage to BWTS equipment and components, leading to higher maintenance costs.

Optimarin’s OptiLearn training platform offers comprehensive courses on the Optimarin Ballast System, covering system components, operational procedures, emergency measures, and maintenance. The platform has received positive feedback from participants, who find it educational and well-explained. The Optimarin Ballast System is designed for ease of operation, with a user-friendly interface and automation features. The cloud-based digital solution OptiLink allows for remote monitoring and maintenance support, while tracking BWTS operations can help identify areas where crew training is needed. Optimarin also provides hands-on training at test facilities and maritime training centers, as well as during system commissioning with service engineers.

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