Two NGOs Deliver First Port-Free Shipment of Aid to Gaza by Maritime Route

A US charity successfully unloaded a maritime aid package in Gaza, totaling 200 tons of food. Another boat with 240 tons of food is being prepared to sail from Cyprus, aiming to alleviate the food shortage in Gaza. The delivery did not breach the Gaza blockade, prompting new maritime aid routes.
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A US charity, World Central Kitchen, successfully delivered the first maritime aid package to the Gaza Strip, unloading roughly 200 tons of food for distribution in the area. This marks the beginning of a new maritime assistance route across the eastern Mediterranean to alleviate the food shortage in Gaza, where UN and relief workers have issued famine warnings. The second boat carrying 240 tons of food is being prepared to sail from Cyprus to Gaza.

The aid shipment included canned goods, bulk products, and essential food items like carrots, tuna, corn, chickpeas, flour, rice, beans, and oil. Despite logistical challenges and Israeli security checks, the charity aims to continue providing aid to Gaza through maritime routes. The charity had to build a jetty southwest of Gaza City to transfer the aid due to the blockade imposed on Gaza by Israel.

As the humanitarian crisis in Gaza worsens, the need for alternative aid delivery methods like maritime corridors and airdrops has become crucial. World Central Kitchen’s founder, Jose Andres, mentioned that the first shipment was a test, and they aim to bring in thousands of tons of aid each week. Despite challenges and security concerns, the charity remains committed to providing essential aid to the people of Gaza.

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