UK allocates £80 million funding for eco-friendly vessels

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The UK government has announced £54 million in funding for maritime projects aimed at reducing emissions and developing clean technologies. The funding was revealed at the start of London International Shipping Week, with Transport Secretary Mark Harper emphasizing the importance of generating maritime jobs and promoting sustainable practices. The funding is part of the Zero Emission Vessels Innovation Fund (ZEVI), which was launched earlier this year. Successful projects will work with UK ports and operators to launch zero-emission vessels by 2025 at the latest. The number of applications received reflects a strong desire within the sector to reduce emissions and move towards a net-zero future.

Portsmouth International Port was one of the major winners, receiving £19.8 million for its Sea Change project. This initiative aims to design, build, and operate shore power systems for three of the port’s busiest berths. The project will allow vessels, including two new LNG-electric hybrid ships from Brittany Ferries, to plug into green electricity while at berth. The University of Portsmouth, Brittany Ferries, and several other organizations are collaborating on the project. Other funded projects include Artemis Technologies, which received £15.5 million for the electrification of inter-island ferries in the Orkney Islands, and Tidal Transit, which received £6.4 million for the retrofitting of a crew transfer vessel for offshore wind farms to run on 100% electric power.

This funding announcement underscores the UK government’s commitment to the maritime industry’s growth and the development of sustainable technologies. By supporting projects that aim to reduce emissions and promote clean practices, the government hopes to create better-paid jobs and economic opportunities across the country. The successful projects funded through the ZEVI initiative will play a crucial role in the nation’s journey towards achieving net-zero emissions.

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