Underwater Robots Assist Maritime Shipping in Improving Environmental Practices

Jacky Im meticulously observes as his robot scales a 32-foot steel wall, monitoring every move with precision. As co-founder of Neptune Robotics, he focuses on deploying waterproof robots to address decarbonization in the maritime industry. Im's dedication to perfection ensures his robots adhere to their pre-programmed routes flawlessly.
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Jacky Im closely monitors his robot as it climbs a 32-foot steel wall, weighing 660 pounds. The robot’s movements are tracked by sensors and compared to a pre-programmed route, with Im ensuring every wrong turn is caught. Im, co-founder of Neptune Robotics, is focused on deploying waterproof robots to address the maritime industry’s need for decarbonization.

Im’s attention to detail and strict control over his robot’s movements stem from his commitment to ensuring its obedience and efficiency and Im’s dedication to catching even the smallest errors in the robot’s performance. Neptune Robotics, a startup based in Hong Kong, is dedicated to utilizing robots to tackle the challenges faced by the maritime industry in reducing carbon emissions.

Im’s meticulous approach is to develop and monitor his robots, showcasing his commitment to precision and accuracy. Im’s goal is to address the pressing need for decarbonization in the maritime industry through the deployment of innovative technology.

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