Vancouver increases container throughput at DP World Terminal

Vancouver container terminal
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The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority has partnered with terminal operator DP World to celebrate the completion of a major expansion project at one of the port’s terminals. DP World has been operating in British Columbia for over 20 years and handles over 20 million loaded TEUs at the Center Container Terminal. The increased capacity of the terminal is seen as critical to the port’s near-term growth as Vancouver continues the long-term process of adding a third terminal and operator to the port.

The US$260 million expansion project should increase throughput at the terminal by 60%, and its footprint has been increased by 15%. The facilities will be able to handle 1.5 million TEUs per year, 40% above the previous capacity of 600,000 TEUs per year. As part of the investment, DP World also reduced the terminal’s environmental impact. The design of the expanded facility utilized LEED standards in construction and eliminated waiting for vehicles at level crossings. Electric yard cranes have replaced the existing diesel yard cranes, and shore power connections have been installed for container ships at the dock.

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority completed the South Shore Access Project earlier this month in partnership with the Canadian government, including upgrading the Waterfront Road, resolving road and rail conflicts in the area, and connecting terminals directly to the Trans-Canada Highway. The expansion of the Centrem container terminal area, coupled with the improvement of road and rail connections, will increase container trading capacity and resilience in the Port of Vancouver in the near future.

The port is an important part of Canada’s trade, handling a third of Canada’s trade in goods outside of North America. Maritime container terminals on the west coast of Canada are expected to reach capacity in the mid to late 2020s after a decade of compound annual growth of 5%. In April, the port received government approval for a controversial plan to add a third terminal to the port, which port managers argue is necessary for the expansion of Vancouver’s container capacity.

Robin Silvester, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority, said, “As recent years have shown, a resilient container sector is critical to Canadian exports and reliable access to the goods Canadians depend on every day.” However, resistance remains due to the potential impact of the site on both the natural habitats of fish and wildlife, as well as potential environmental issues, which emphasizes the importance of incorporating sustainable features in expansion projects.

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