WinGD Confirms Success of ExxonMobil’s Dual Fuel/LNG Technology

ExxonMobil's MobilgardTM 540 AC, a high-performance cylinder oil, has been validated by WinGD for use in dual fuel engines with conventional fuels, including LNG and methanol. Approved by MAN ES for two-stroke engines, Mobilgard 540 AC is designed for slow-speed marine engines operating on various fuels. This validation highlights ExxonMobil's commitment to providing top-tier solutions for vessel operators.
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ExxonMobil’s MobilgardTM 540 AC, a 40BN cylinder oil, has received validation from WinGD for its use in dual fuel engines with conventional fuels, including methanol and now LNG. The high-performance cylinder oil, also approved by MAN ES for two-stroke engines, was designed for slow-speed, two-stroke marine engines operating on fuels with up to 0.50% sulfur content, as well as LNG, ethane, methanol, and LPG.

Mobilgard 540 AC has proven effective in maintaining engine cleanliness while running in gas mode at optimized low feed rates. The oil is suitable for methanol operation and other liquid fuels with sulfur levels up to 1.5%. This validation, in addition to the existing MAN ES Category II approval, positions Mobilgard 540 AC as a top-tier oil in the two-stroke marine engine market.

ExxonMobil’s Global Technology Program Manager, Yannis Chatzakis, emphasized the importance of reliable, high-performance solutions for vessel operators. The double validation from WinGD and MAN ES underscores ExxonMobil’s commitment to delivering exceptional cylinder oils developed using a balanced formulation approach. Mobilgard 540 AC, when used in conjunction with MobilTM Cylinder Condition Monitoring, offers exceptional cleanliness, combatting engine wear and ensuring performance in various operating conditions. ExxonMobil remains dedicated to innovation and collaboration with industry stakeholders to address future challenges in achieving a lower emissions future.

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