Tototheo Global and Neuron Partner to Enhance Connectivity on Commercial Ships

Tototheo Global and Neuron have partnered to implement Neuron's AI-powered QoE management platform on vessels. The collaboration aims to enhance connectivity on ships interacting with multiple satellite providers, ensuring seamless transitions between services. Successful proof of concept tests have shown that Neuron's solution improves connectivity robustness, providing insights for optimizing onboard operations. This partnership emphasizes transparency and cost-effective connectivity for the maritime industry.
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Tototheo Global and Neuron have recently announced a partnership agreement to implement Neuron’s AI-powered quality of experience (QoE) management platform on vessels under contract with Tototheo. This collaboration aims to address the increasing demand for enhanced connectivity on ships that interact with multiple satellite providers and networks, requiring seamless transitions between service deliveries.

The agreement follows successful proof of concept tests demonstrating that Neuron’s QoE analytics solution, Neuron 360, improves connectivity robustness by providing in-depth insights for enhancing onboard connectivity operations and performance. By integrating real-time connectivity data from antennas, routers, and third-party systems, Tototheo Global and Neuron will offer customers a comprehensive view of their connectivity and QoE on a vendor-neutral platform.

Despina Panayiotou Theodosiou, co-CEO of Tototheo Global, emphasized the importance of transparency in managing connectivity performance for end users in the commercial shipping industry. She highlighted the ongoing proof of concept with Neuron Grid, an AI-powered network management solution that optimizes network orchestration across various providers, orbits, and networks to ensure reliable coverage and cost-effective connectivity. Benny Retnamony, founder and CEO of Neuron, emphasized the potential of intelligent multi-provider, multi-orbit orchestration to unlock new possibilities for shipping companies by enabling scalable and high-quality network connectivity at a low total cost of ownership.

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