Promoting Gender Diversity and Equality in the Supply Chain Industry: Insights from Mahindra Logistics

Mahindra Logistics and Institute of Supply Chain Management Foster Dialogue on ‘Women in Logistics and Supply Chain’
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Mahindra Logistics Ltd. and the Institute of Supply Chain Management recently hosted a discussion on ‘Women in Logistics and Supply Chain’ in Mumbai. The event aimed to promote gender diversity and create equal opportunities in the supply chain industry. The panel discussions involved leaders in the sector who shared their insights, challenges, and solutions. The event highlighted the importance of attracting women to pursue careers in supply chain management and providing them with growth opportunities. It also emphasized the need to break gender stereotypes and create an inclusive and equitable work environment.

Mahindra Logistics has implemented various initiatives and policies to empower women in the industry. One of these initiatives is ‘Udaan’ which provides a pathway for women to embark on second careers, resulting in the hiring of 14 women in the last year. Another policy, ‘Birth & Beyond’, supports female employees throughout their maternity journey. The company is committed to leveraging the strengths of a diverse talent pool and has taken additional initiatives to attract millennials, such as gender sensitization and fast-tracked career opportunities for women.

Overall, Mahindra Logistics is dedicated to promoting gender neutrality and fostering an inclusive work environment in the supply chain industry.

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