Cochin Port Authority Hosts Workshop on Green Hydrogen Development

Cochin Port Authority organises workshop on green hydrogen programme
The Cochin Port Authority, in collaboration with the Indian Ports Association, held a workshop on 'Pathway for a Successful Green Hydrogen Pilot at Cochin Port' to explore hydrogen fuel development opportunities. Over 50 industry partners attended, discussing the port's potential in developing a bunkering facility for green hydrogen and its derivatives.
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The Cochin Port Authority recently organized a workshop in collaboration with the Indian Ports Association to discuss the potential for green hydrogen development at the port. With over 50 industry partners in attendance, including green hydrogen developers and multilateral organizations, the event highlighted the opportunities for hydrogen fuel and how the port can support investors in this sector.

Chairman of the Cochin Port Authority, B Kasiviswanathan, emphasized the port’s existing expertise in handling liquid cargo, such as ammonia, which can be leveraged to develop a bunkering facility for green hydrogen and its derivatives. The port is set to close a tender for a 60 KW electrolyser soon, with plans to commission it in the next quarter. Stakeholders will be invited to submit proposal ideas for the pilot project scope in the coming months, with a focus on shipping vessels, exports, and domestic use in fertilizer units and refinery complexes.

The workshop highlighted the port’s commitment to sustainable energy solutions and its readiness to explore new opportunities in the green hydrogen sector. The Cochin Port Authority aims to lead the way in green hydrogen pilot projects and support the growth of this promising technology in the region, with a focus on collaborating with industry partners and stakeholders to drive innovation and progress in the field of green energy.

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