World’s First Ship with an ‘AI Engineer’ Constructed by HD KSOE

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South Korea’s shipbuilding company HD Korea Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (HD KSOE) has built and delivered the world’s first ship with an AI engineer. The vessel, a 180,000-ton LNG-powered bulk carrier, was constructed by Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries. The AI engineer features two engine automation solutions developed in collaboration with H-Line Shipping: the Integrated Condition Diagnosis Solution (HiCBM) and Integrated Safety Control Solution (HiCAMS). These systems use artificial intelligence to diagnose equipment conditions and detect emergencies in real-time, serving as AI sailors during ship operations. HiCBM proactively identifies potential failures, ensuring operational stability, while HiCAMS acts as an AI-powered safety watchdog, analyzing safety-related events through CCTV.

The adaptability of these systems to existing ships opens up opportunities for the market expansion of AI-based engine automation solutions. The systems have undergone successful trial operations and received approval in principle from the American Bureau of Shipping. HD Korea Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering previously achieved a milestone in automated navigation when its subsidiary, Avikus, conducted autonomous navigation of a large LNG carrier. The company believes that the implementation of this technology in H-Line Shipping’s fleet will enhance its competitive edge in the industry.

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