Zero44 unveils FuelEU Maritime Calculator

zero44 has released the "FuelEU Maritime Calculator" to help shipping companies understand the financial impact of the upcoming regulation. This tool estimates costs and penalties related to the new legislation, aiming to kick-start sustainable marine fuel production and decrease vessels' greenhouse gas intensity. Companies can use the calculator for free to prepare for FuelEU Maritime.
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zero44, a provider of digital CO2 management solutions, has released the “FuelEU Maritime Calculator” to help shipping companies understand the financial impact of the upcoming FuelEU Maritime regulation. The tool provides estimates on the costs and cost factors of the regulation, which aims to decrease vessels’ yearly average greenhouse gas intensity. This regulation will come into force in January 2025 and will impose penalties on non-compliant vessels.

FuelEU Maritime targets a two percent reduction in GHG intensity compared to 2020 levels, with targets becoming stricter every five years. The regulation covers emissions over a fuel’s entire lifecycle and applies to voyages arriving at or departing from EU ports. The calculator developed by zero44 allows companies to input their annual fuel consumption and exposure to EU regulation to estimate greenhouse gas intensity and expected penalties.

The calculator is a free tool that provides shipping companies with an initial assessment of the impact of the regulation. It currently covers conventional fuels and biodiesel, with plans to expand to include more parameters in the future. zero44 is working on a software solution to help companies plan and predict GHG intensities under different scenarios, monitor intensities over voyages, and align with other maritime stakeholders. The goal is to help companies understand and adapt to the upcoming FuelEU Maritime regulation.

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