Maritime workers’ unions call for a new agreement

Workers are rallying today to demand a new deal after the mass layoffs of 800 seafarers at P&O two years ago. The RMT, Nautilus, and TUC unions are holding a rally in London to protest the redundancies made by P&O owners, DP World, following significant losses reported by the company.
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Today, on 20 March, workers are coming together to call for a new deal following the controversial layoffs of 800 seafarers at P&O two years ago. The RMT, Nautilus, and TUC unions are organizing a rally at Old Palace Yard in London, directly across from the Houses of Parliament, starting at 1pm. This event aims to draw attention to the actions taken by P&O’s owners, DP World, who terminated the workers after the company experienced significant financial losses.

The mass redundancies made by DP World have sparked outrage among labor unions and workers, leading to calls for better treatment and job security for employees. The rally is expected to bring together a large number of individuals who are advocating for fairer working conditions and greater protections for workers in similar situations. The unions involved are using this event as a platform to demand accountability from P&O and DP World for their actions.

The decision by DP World to lay off 800 employees has had a lasting impact on the affected workers and their families, prompting a renewed push for change within the industry. By gathering at Old Palace Yard, workers are sending a clear message to both P&O and DP World that they will not stand idly by in the face of unjust treatment. The unions are united in their efforts to ensure that workers are treated fairly and with respect, emphasizing the need for a new deal that prioritizes the well-being and rights of employees.

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