Indian crew of cargo ship Dali in Baltimore collision reported healthy; support provided

A container vessel collided with a key bridge in Baltimore, leaving 20 Indian crew members stranded onboard. The crew is reported to be healthy, with one minor injury treated and discharged. The US authorities are investigating the incident, while efforts are being made to support the crew emotionally and physically.
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The Indian crew onboard the cargo ship Dali, which collided with a bridge in Baltimore, are reported to be healthy nearly a week after the incident. The Baltimore International Seafarers’ Centre, a nonprofit organization, has been in touch with the crew and is providing support emotionally and otherwise. The crew, consisting of 21 members, of which 20 are Indians, are still onboard the vessel.

The Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi confirmed that all crew members, including the 20 Indians, are in good health. The Indian Embassy in Washington is closely monitoring the situation and is in touch with both the crew and local authorities. The Baltimore International Seafarers’ Centre is also reaching out to other vessels trapped in the Port of Baltimore to offer support and services.

US authorities have begun interviewing personnel onboard the Dali, including Indian crew members, following the collision with the Francis Scott Key Bridge. The shipping company managing the vessel, Synergy Group, confirmed the safety of all crew members and reported one minor injury. The removal of the wreckage of the bridge and the cargo ship is described as a complex and time-consuming operation, with Maryland Governor Wes Moore highlighting the national economic impact of the incident.

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