Cruise Ship Workers Must Pass STI Tests Before Boarding

Cruise ship workers must undergo STI tests before boarding. Crew members reveal that sexual relationships are common onboard, regardless of rank or relationship status. Medical examinations are intense and mandatory. Strict regulations prohibit crew members from engaging in inappropriate relations with guests. Cruise ship jobs offer various opportunities but come with intense work environments.
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Cruise ship workers are required to undergo STI tests before being allowed onboard, as revealed by a Reddit thread with over 4,400 comments. The thread also shed light on the common belief that crew members engage in sexual activities with each other, with one user stating that “everyone sleeps with everyone”. The intense medical examinations, including tests for STIs, are part of the pre-employment screening process to ensure the health and safety of both employees and passengers.

Various job opportunities are available on cruise ships, including housekeeping, chefs, bartenders, entertainers, engineers, deck officers, and medical professionals. Employees typically live and work in close quarters, with accommodation provided onboard and rooms shared by multiple crew members. Cruise ships operate under strict regulations and policies to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone onboard, including adherence to maritime laws and safety protocols.

Despite the close living quarters and intense work environment, cruise ship companies strictly forbid crew members from engaging in sexual activities with guests. Any crew member found to be doing so will be forced to leave the ship the next day. The cruise industry offers a unique opportunity to travel the world while working, but it also comes with strict rules and regulations to maintain a safe and professional environment for both employees and passengers.

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