Watch Sailcargo Inc. as they revolutionize the shipping industry in Costa Rica

Sailcargo Inc. is revolutionizing shipbuilding by constructing cargo ships out of wood instead of steel, focusing on sustainability. With a commitment to planting 25 trees for every one used in construction, the company aims to reduce the global carbon footprint and minimize waste in their environmentally-focused process.
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Sailcargo Inc. is leading the charge in sustainable shipbuilding, aiming to reduce the environmental impact of maritime shipping. With the industry accounting for about three per cent of global greenhouse emissions, efforts to cut costs and carbon emissions are crucial. The United Nations International Maritime Organisation has pledged to halve carbon emissions by 2050, and Sailcargo Inc. is taking action from the ground up.

The company plans to build cargo ships out of wood instead of steel, as steel ships often end up in junkyards after 20 to 30 years of use. Wooden ships are biodegradable, and Sailcargo Inc. is committed to regenerative strategies throughout their process. They aim to plant 25 trees for every tree used in ship construction, totaling nearly 12,000 trees before the ship even sets sail. Additionally, the company ensures that nothing goes to waste in their shipbuilding process, converting offcuts into charcoal and donating larger pieces to the local community.

Sailcargo Inc. hopes to expand their fleet of eco-friendly ships and make a significant contribution to reducing the global carbon footprint. By focusing on sustainability and regenerative practices, the company is setting a new standard for the shipbuilding industry. With a commitment to environmentally-friendly practices and a dedication to reducing waste, Sailcargo Inc. is at the forefront of the movement towards a more sustainable future for maritime shipping.

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