Salvors Aim to Remove Baltimore Container Ship in Two Weeks

Maryland's governor announced progress in clearing the shipping channel at Baltimore's Key Bridge after the container ship Dali struck a pier, causing its collapse. Salvage efforts have removed over 3,300 tons of steel, with the goal of freeing the trapped vessel by May 10. Reconstruction funding is sought for the Key Bridge.
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Maryland’s governor provided an update on the progress of clearing the shipping channel at Baltimore’s Key Bridge, where the container ship Dali struck a pier and caused the structure to collapse on March 26. The cleanup efforts have involved removing over 3,300 tons of steel from the channel, including large sections of the main span. The largest floating crane on the East Coast is being used to handle these heavy lifts, with a focus on safety.

The next challenge for responders is to remove the section that is trapping the container ship Dali, which will involve precise cuts to avoid further collapse. Once this is completed, the temporary shipping channel will be closed for 10 days. The goal is to reopen the channel with a control depth of 45 feet by May 10, allowing for larger container ships to access the port.

The bodies of two construction workers who went missing in the bridge collapse are still unrecovered, adding to the challenges of the salvage operation. Maryland is seeking support from Congress to fund the reconstruction of the Key Bridge, a project that is expected to take several years and billions of dollars. In addition to rebuilding the Key Bridge, upgrades are also being considered for the Chesapeake Bay Bridge to enhance its protective structures.

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