Cargo Ship Drifts into Railway Bridge in Bangladesh

A cargo ship named Samuda-1 drifted out of control in Chattogram, Bangladesh, hitting the Kalurghat Railway Bridge. Eyewitnesses reported strong winds as the ship floated from a nearby shipyard. Officials are investigating if the ship broke away from its moorings or if it was a helmsman error. Salvage efforts are underway.
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A small cargo ship in Chattogram, Bangladesh, drifted out of control along a main waterway and became pinned alongside a bridge, causing damage to both the ship and the bridge. Officials are investigating whether the ship, named Samuda-1, broke away from its moorings at a nearby shipyard or if it was a mistake by the helmsmen. Eyewitnesses reported that the vessel appeared to be without power and uncrewed, but TV images showed at least one person aboard.

The vessel, which was seen floating from the AK Khan dockyard, was struck by strong winds that made it difficult to control, resulting in it hitting the Kalurghat Railway Bridge and becoming pinned due to the strong current. The bridge, an important transportation link, was undergoing renovations to support a new railway line and sustained minor damage. Officials are waiting for a salvage vessel to remove the ship from the bridge to assess any additional damage.

The incident has caused concern as the bridge is a crucial link for rail and vehicle connections in the area. While there are bent sections on the bridge and twisted rails on the ship, officials believe the damage is minor overall. Survey work is ongoing to determine the extent of the damage and to ensure the safety and functionality of the bridge and the waterway.

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