Eero Lehtovaara: Shaping Maritime Legislation for Decarbonization Success

Eero Lehtovaara, Head of Regulatory & Public Affairs at ABB Marine & Ports, emphasizes the need for shipping to adapt to decarbonization. With a background in both seafaring and corporate experience, Lehtovaara advocates for collaboration and holistic approaches to meet sustainability goals and integrate digital technologies into maritime regulations.
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Eero Lehtovaara, Head of Regulatory & Public Affairs at ABB Marine & Ports, emphasizes the need for the shipping industry to adapt to decarbonization challenges by reshaping maritime legislation. He believes that collaboration among stakeholders is crucial in achieving the industry’s goal of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Lehtovaara advocates for an integrated approach to evaluate the industry as a whole, rather than focusing on individual components.

Lehtovaara highlights the importance of digital technology in transforming the way ships operate and calls for a systematic understanding of digital systems in the maritime sector. He stresses the need for regulations that reflect the interconnected nature of the industry and support data sharing to optimize solutions for decarbonization. Lehtovaara also emphasizes the role of new energy-saving devices, alternative fuels, and other technologies in driving maritime decarbonization.

As a member of various technical committees and industry groups, Lehtovaara is actively involved in shaping policies and strategies for maritime digitalization and sustainability. He advocates for a ‘ship as a system’ approach to regulation, which considers the interaction between humans and digital technology on ships. By promoting collaboration, innovation, and regulatory reform, Lehtovaara aims to help the shipping industry navigate the challenges of decarbonization and achieve its sustainability goals.

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