France Proposes Comprehensive Plan for Reconstruction of Beirut Port

France has proposed a plan for the reconstruction and re-organization of the Port of Beirut, damaged by the 2020 explosion. The proposal includes repairing infrastructure, optimizing traffic flow, and transitioning to solar power. With costs estimated at $60-80 million, France and Germany are leading efforts to support Lebanon in rebuilding and modernizing the port.
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France has proposed a plan for the reconstruction and reorganization of the Port of Beirut, which was severely damaged in the 2020 explosion caused by ammonium nitrate. The plan, revealed at a conference in Beirut, aims to repair infrastructure, optimize traffic flow, and transition to solar power. However, it does not address the rebuilding of the grain silos, which were heavily impacted.

French engineering firms Artelia and Egis, along with Expertise France, were involved in developing the plan with funding from the French government. Lebanon’s transport minister confirmed that the plan has been accepted and the port’s revenue will finance the necessary investments, estimated at $60 to 80 million for state infrastructure alone.

Despite the challenges, there have been positive developments at the Port of Beirut, with increased revenues and container handling since the disaster. France has been a key supporter, with President Emmanuel Macron promising international financial aid after the explosion. The French ambassador reiterated France’s commitment to rebuilding and modernizing the port, emphasizing its importance for the Lebanese economy.

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