Fugro Converts Vessel to Methanol Fuel for Decarbonization Efforts

Dutch multinational Fugro is converting its geophysical survey vessel, Fugro Pioneer, to run on methanol, a low-carbon fuel. The vessel will have two of its engines replaced with methanol engines, allowing it to operate in regions where green methanol is not yet available. The conversion is part of a project funded by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency.
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Dutch multinational Fugro is taking steps to decarbonize the shipping industry by converting one of its geophysical survey vessels, the Fugro Pioneer, to run on methanol, a low-carbon fuel. The vessel, currently in dry dock, is undergoing modifications to allow two of its four engines to be replaced with methanol engines. This conversion is part of the Methanol as Energy Step Towards Emission-free Dutch Shipping project, funded by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency with $27 million.

The Fugro Pioneer, built in 2014, is primarily used for geoscience surveys for wind farm development. By converting the vessel to run on methanol, Fugro aims to reduce emissions as part of its Net Zero 2035 journey. The company’s CFO, Barbara Geelen, highlighted the importance of investing in innovative solutions that not only benefit clients but also support company objectives and stimulate the green methanol market.

The decision to convert the vessel to run on methanol is in response to the increased focus on sustainability in tenders for the offshore market. Vendors that embrace green methanol as a fuel can help wind farm developers and oil and gas clients reach their decarbonization goals. The delivery and installation of the methanol-capable engines on the Fugro Pioneer are expected to take place in the second half of the year, marking a significant move towards reducing emissions in the shipping industry.

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