Hyundai Celebrates World’s Largest Methanol-Fueled Two-Stroke Engine Milestone

World's largest methanol engine marks 'incredible performance'
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Hyundai Heavy Industries Engine & Machinery Division (HHI-EMD), a two-stroke licensee of MAN Energy Solutions, celebrated the world’s largest methanol-fueled two-stroke engine in South Korea on March 22. Its braking power of over 200 million hp breaks new ground for low-revving two-stroke engines. The successful Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) was performed for the methanol engine G95ME-C10.5-LGIM in early April.

Bjarne Foldager, Head of Two-Stroke Business at MAN Energy Solutions, was in attendance at the ceremony and congratulated Hyundai, remarking on the companies’ relationship since 1974 and Hyundai’s being the first engine maker to achieve the 200 million hp mark. He noted the “unbelievable achievement” of reaching 100 million brake horsepower in around 35 years and the following 100 million over 13 years. Foldager went on to highlight the engine: “With its 95 cm cylinder bore, this is the largest methanol engine in the world.” When fueled with carbon-neutral methanol, over 130,000 tons of CO2 are saved annually, according to Foldager.

MAN Energy Solutions developed the ME-LGIM dual-fuel engine, which is based on the company’s ME series, for operation with methanol and other fuels. The diesel principle engine has over 8,500 engines in use and provides CO2-neutral propulsion for large merchant ships when powered by green methanol. With over 100 ME-LGIM engines on order or in service, more than 50 G95ME-C10.5-LGIM engines are set to power methanol ships at sea, as the engine has a proven track record of reliability and fuel efficiency.

As MAN Energy Solutions focuses on the development and production of environmentally friendly engines and ships, the celebration of the world’s largest methanol-fueled two-stroke engine marks a significant milestone in the ongoing journey to provide green propulsion for the maritime industry.

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