Cruise Ship Worker Shares 3 Annoying Things Passengers Do Onboard

A British cruise ship worker reveals the annoying habits passengers do that crew members hate. Lucy Southerton shares behind-the-scenes insights on YouTube. One pet peeve is critiquing accents and English skills. Being ignored after greeting is another frustration. Cultural stereotypes, like assuming drug use based on nationality, are also problematic.
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Lucy Southerton, a British cruise ship worker with nine years of experience, shared three annoying things that passengers do that crew members onboard hate. In a YouTube video, she discussed the pet peeves that irritate cruise ship workers, including commenting on their English. Lucy emphasized the importance of being respectful and understanding towards crew members who may not have English as their first language, as negative comments can affect their confidence.

Another pet peeve that Lucy mentioned was being ignored by passengers after greeting them. She expressed that while some passengers may want to shop in peace, a simple acknowledgment like a hello or a nod can go a long way in making crew members feel respected and valued. Lucy also highlighted the issue of cultural stereotyping, sharing an example of a crew member being asked insensitive questions based on their nationality.

Lucy emphasized the importance of being polite to every crew member while on a cruise, as crew members play a crucial role in ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for passengers. She warned against being rude to crew members, as passengers may later need their assistance during the cruise. By sharing these insights, Lucy aims to educate passengers on how to interact respectfully with cruise ship workers and avoid behaviors that can be perceived as rude or disrespectful.

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