India leading the way in establishing eco-friendly ship fuelling hub

India to develop green ship fuelling hub
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India is aiming to position itself as a green refuelling hub in the next decade, according to Union Minister for Power and New and Renewable Energy RK Singh. Speaking at a green hydrogen conference, Singh stated that India needs to emerge as a refuelling destination for green ships by offering them green hydrogen or green ammonia at the lowest cost. He emphasized the need for local shipyards to develop specific bunker barges for new fuels and for pilot schemes for green shipping developments to take place within the country.

India has already started pilot projects for green steel and heavy-duty transportation. However, it will face tough competition from existing bunkering giants in the region, such as Singapore and China to the east, and Fujairah to the west. Despite this, India aims to develop the fuels domestically rather than relying on imports.

By positioning itself as a green refuelling hub, India hopes to attract green ships and contribute to the global transition towards sustainable shipping. This initiative aligns with India’s commitment to renewable energy and reducing carbon emissions in the coming years.

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