Indian Coast Guard Anti-Narcotics Operation: 86kg Seized Worth Rs 600 Crore

The Indian Coast Guard conducted an intelligence-based anti-narcotics operation at sea, seizing 86 kg of narcotics worth Rs 600 crore from a Pakistani boat in the Arabian Sea. This successful collaboration between various agencies led to the apprehension of the boat and its crew, showcasing the effectiveness of inter-agency coordination.
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The Indian Coast Guard conducted an intelligence-based anti-narcotics operation at sea, resulting in the apprehension of approximately 86 kg of narcotics worth Rs 600 crore. The operation took place in the Arabian Sea, West of Porbandar, where a Pakistani boat with 14 crew members was intercepted. The successful operation was a result of collaboration between the Indian Coast Guard, Anti-terrorism Squad, and Narcotics Control Bureau, showcasing effective inter-agency coordination.

The Indian Coast Guard deployed ships and aircraft to carry out the operation, with ICG ship Rajratan positively identifying the suspect boat. Despite attempts to evade capture, the drug-laden boat was swiftly intercepted by the strong ICG ship. The Pakistan boat and its crew have been detained and are being brought to Porbandar for further investigations. This joint effort between the ICG and ATS has led to eleven successful law enforcement operations in the past three years, highlighting their synergy for achieving national objectives.

The press release by the Indian Coast Guard emphasized the professionalism and efficiency of the operation, noting that no amount of evasive tactics could prevent the apprehension of the narcotics. The collaboration between agencies like the ICG, ATS, and NCB has been instrumental in the success of such operations, reaffirming the commitment to combating drug trafficking at sea. The coordinated efforts of the Indian Coast Guard have proven effective in intercepting illegal activities and upholding maritime security in the region.

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