Inmarsat Maritime and Aramco to Trial 5G Mesh Network in Arabian Gulf

Inmarsat Maritime, a Viasat company, has signed an MoU with Aramco to conduct a 5G "mesh" network trial for offshore work in the Arabian Gulf. The technology aims to provide high-speed connectivity in extreme weather conditions, enabling remote operations and cost savings. This partnership showcases advanced technology for maritime operations.
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Inmarsat Maritime, a Viasat company, has signed an MoU with Aramco to conduct a 5G “mesh” network trial in the Arabian Gulf. The trial aims to provide high-bandwidth connectivity for Aramco’s offshore work, with the technology designed to withstand extreme weather conditions in the region such as heat, sandstorms, wind, and water evaporation. Successful outdoor testing in the UK demonstrated reliable signal propagation over water, leading to further testing in the Arabian Gulf later this year.

The 5G mesh technology has the potential to optimize Aramco’s offshore operations by enabling capabilities such as remote maintenance, remote operations, monitoring with IoT sensors, and augmented reality for staff. Inmarsat Maritime’s advanced ground infrastructure offers cybersecurity and data protection, with the ability to supplement ground-based 5G with satellite coverage for ships operating further from shore. The partnership with Aramco aims to showcase long-range, high-throughput deployment of 5G over the sea.

Ben Palmer OBE, President of Inmarsat Maritime, highlighted the bespoke solutions offered by their technologies and the potential for the 5G mesh technology to improve efficiency, sustainability, crew experience, and cybersecurity for Aramco. Nabil Al-Nuaim, Sr. VP of Digital & Information Technology at Aramco, emphasized their commitment to deploying advanced technologies to optimize operations and improve the work environment for operators, with the collaboration with Viasat marking a significant step in their corporate digital transformation vision.

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