Marlink Installs Advanced Hybrid Network on French Expedition Cruise Ship Exploris One

Marlink Delivers Future Proof Hybrid Network Solution For Unique Digital Experience Onboard Exploris One
Marlink's advanced hybrid network solution on the expedition cruise ship, Exploris One, provides high-throughput, low-latency connectivity in remote locations worldwide. The comprehensive overhaul in Valparaiso, Chile, included LEO satellite services, GEO VSAT, TV-RO, and 5G GSM capabilities. Guests on board will experience seamless digital experiences while exploring exotic destinations.
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Marlink has installed an advanced hybrid network solution on the French expedition cruise ship Exploris One to enhance digital capabilities for guests in remote locations worldwide. The network includes LEO from Eutelsat OneWeb, Starlink, and Iridium, Marlink GEO VSAT, TV-RO, and 5G GSM services, providing full coverage and connectivity onboard. This allows guests to enjoy seamless internet access and digital experiences while exploring even the most isolated destinations.

The expedition cruise ship, designed for the French-speaking leisure market, launched its inaugural season to South America and the Antarctic Circle with plans for 32 additional sailings. Destinations include Antarctica, the Atlantic Islands, Western Europe, Svalbard, Iceland, Greenland, the Canadian Arctic, and South America, all requiring a robust hybrid network to keep guests connected in harsh conditions. Marlink’s technical team oversaw the network installation, integrating antennas and equipment to ensure connectivity in remote and polar regions.

Exploris One’s President, Philippe Videau, highlighted the importance of keeping guests connected in real-time to share their experiences with loved ones. Marlink President Maritime, Tore Morten Olsen, emphasized the company’s expertise in delivering complex network solutions to support both guest experiences and ship operations. The hybrid network solution provides excellent connectivity and safety for Exploris One and its guests, reflecting a commitment to excellence and innovation in maritime digital services.

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