Maximizing Ship Performance: Ascenz Marorka’s Adaptive Weather Routing Solution

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The maritime industry is under unprecedented pressure to take action towards becoming more environmentally friendly. The year 2023, with the entry into force of the CII regulation, marks a turning point, but new regulations continue to be adopted. Balancing environmental and economic considerations is the most efficient way to drive change, and Ascenz Marorka offers digital solutions that provide innovative and clear advantages towards this end. Their advanced adaptive weather routing is an excellent example of a tool that optimizes voyage and fleet performance while taking into account numerous operational constraints and environmental factors.

Ship navigation is a crucial task for ensuring safety and improving performance, and route planning and optimization must take into account numerous constraints related to safety, operations, and compliance. Ship captains need a decision support tool to give them confidence in their decisions, and that is where Ascenz Marorka’s advanced route optimization solution comes in. Its proprietary algorithm can recommend the best route by optimizing numerous parameters, taking into account operational constraints and providing a powerful tool for all stakeholders to collaborate and achieve their organizations’ operational and economic goals.

CII regulation requires cooperation between shipowners and charterers to optimize ships’ CII scores, and this is where Ascenz Marorka’s route optimization module can play a key role. The module offers a collaborative platform for all parties and can predict fuel consumption, CII, distance, etc. Depending on the optimization criteria chosen by the user, the routes can vary significantly, and the software uses the ship’s digital twin to provide the most accurate recommendations possible. Current traffic separation schemes are taken into account, and the software recommends an appropriate RPM that stabilizes power and fuel consumption while respecting commercial limitations.

Ascenz Marorka’s Adaptive Weather Routing solution complements its other capabilities to provide a comprehensive platform for optimizing voyage and fleet performance. Their portfolio offers solutions for LNG cargo management, electronic fuel monitoring, vessel performance management, emissions monitoring, operational and regulatory reporting, and much more—making them one of the most comprehensive, innovative, and reliable digital platforms for ship owners and charterers worldwide. More details about the company and products can be found at

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