Missiles Target Two Ships Off Yemen Coast, Fire Contained

Smoke rises from Marlin Luanda, merchant vessel, at the location given as Gulf of Aden.
Two ships caught fire off the coast of Yemen in Aden after being hit by missiles, as reported by British maritime authorities. The ships sustained damage but managed to contain the fires and no injuries were reported. The Iran-aligned Houthi militia has been targeting ships in the region in solidarity with Palestinians.
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Two ships off the coast of Yemen in Aden caught fire after being hit by missiles, according to British maritime authorities. A cargo ship flying the flag of Antigua and Barbuda was hit by a missile 83 nautical miles southeast of Aden, resulting in a fire that was later contained. Another incident involving a ship being struck in the aft section by an unknown projectile was reported 70 nautical miles southwest of Aden. The ships were targeted by the Iran-aligned Houthi militia, which has been attacking ships in solidarity with Palestinians fighting Israel in the Gaza Strip.

The United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) received reports from ship captains about the incidents. In one case, a missile hit the forward station of a ship, causing a fire that was neutralized. Despite a second missile being sighted and small boats nearby opening fire, there were no reported injuries. Damage control was underway for the ship struck in the aft section, which was heading to its next port of call. The Houthi militia has been targeting the Bab al-Mandab Strait and the Gulf of Aden with drone and missile attacks for months, forcing cargo carriers to take longer and costlier journeys around southern Africa.

The attacks by the Houthi militia have been ongoing for months, disrupting maritime trade in the region. The incidents highlight the precarious situation in the Gulf of Aden and the need for heightened security measures for ships traveling through the area. Despite the attacks, the ships involved were able to contain the fires and continue their journeys with no reported casualties. The ongoing conflict in Yemen and the Houthi militia’s actions in the region continue to pose a threat to maritime activities in the area.

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