Challenges in Attracting Local Talent for Marine Sector Jobs in Singapore

The confined space on the ship necessitates manual labor, ruling out automation. Singapore lacks a large pool of local talent for the maritime industry, with many quitting due to harsh conditions. ASMI calls for a focus on attracting locals to prevent potential workforce shortages in the sector.
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The confined space on ships makes it necessary to rely on manual labor for tasks such as welding, as there is not enough space for automation. This presents a challenge as there is a lack of local talent available for these jobs. According to Mr. Tan, many Singaporeans quit halfway through training due to the harsh working conditions, such as being exposed to the sun and rain all day.

The Singaporean Association of Shipbuilding and Repairing (ASMI) is calling for more focus on attracting locals to the marine sector to help companies in the industry find enough workers. Despite efforts to hire locals in the past, many have not been able to handle the demanding nature of the work and have left after a short period of time. This lack of local talent poses a threat to the industry’s sustainability.

ASMI emphasizes the need for a larger pool of skilled workers to prevent companies from facing potential closure. By addressing the challenges of attracting and retaining local talent in the marine sector, the industry can ensure its continued success and growth in the future.

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