Enhancing Maritime Security in Mumbai and Goa with Drones

Maritime surveillance plans include the use of drones for monitoring coastal regions like Mumbai and Goa. Recent incidents have prompted authorities to enhance security measures by deploying drone technology. Three individuals from Kuwait were apprehended, highlighting the need for improved coastal surveillance. GPS analysis revealed suspicious activities on their boat.
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The use of drones is being considered as part of a plan to enhance maritime security and surveillance in coastal areas of Mumbai and Goa. Authorities are discussing the implementation of drone technology to improve maritime security and surveillance in the coming days. This decision comes after an incident where three individuals from Kuwait reached the Gateway of India, raising concerns about the existing coastal security arrangements. The plan is to effectively utilize drones to address the shortcomings in the current coastal security setup.

The three individuals from Kuwait, accused of misconduct, fled on a boat and arrived in Indian waters, prompting a reevaluation of maritime surveillance protocols. They surrendered to authorities and were arrested for violating passport and entry regulations. Officials expressed concerns that the individuals may have easily blended into the local population by concealing their identities. Forensic analysis of the boat they arrived on revealed discrepancies in the GPS system, indicating possible tampering to evade detection.

Security agencies are conducting a forensic examination of the boat used by the individuals to reach India, finding discrepancies in the GPS system. The individuals admitted to disabling the GPS system to save battery power during questioning. The incident has highlighted the need for improved surveillance and security measures in coastal areas, leading officials to consider the use of drone technology for enhanced maritime security.

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