Stena Line Implements AI System for Sustainable Vessel Operations

Stena Line introduces AI system, Voyage Optimisation System, to enhance vessel operations at sea. By analyzing real-time factors like wind and waves, the AI reduces fuel consumption and ensures energy efficiency. The collaboration between developers and crew improves AI solutions, integrating technology as an assistant to human decision-making. Stena Line's commitment to sustainability extends beyond maritime transportation, setting a standard for innovation in the industry.
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Stena Line, a ferry company, has implemented a new AI system called Voyage Optimisation System to optimize vessel operations on sea crossings. By analyzing factors such as wind, waves, and depth in real time, the AI system helps reduce fuel consumption and ensure energy-efficient power output. This technology not only supports the company’s vision of a more sustainable future but also gives the crew more time to manage day-to-day operations.

The collaboration between the developers of the AI system and the ship’s crew, including navigators and captains, has been crucial in improving the AI solutions and ensuring their practicality in operations. The AI system is presented as an intelligent assistant that supports human decision-making rather than replacing it, integrating the technology in a natural way and complementing human expertise and experience.

Stena Line’s commitment to incorporating sustainable solutions into its business extends beyond maritime transportation. The company’s use of AI is just the beginning of its efforts to set the standard for environmentally friendly and innovative practices in the industry. This includes introducing AI assistants in other areas of the business, such as Sembos’ travel agency, to streamline travel planning and booking processes.

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