The Indian Register of Shipping Marks 50 Years of Success

The Indian Register of Shipping is celebrating its 50th anniversary
The IRS kicks off its 50th anniversary celebration with a new commemorative logo symbolizing progress and future growth. With a new slogan "Powered by Passion. Driven by Values," the organization reflects its commitment to excellence. Introducing a new flag and teaser video, IRS reaffirms its dedication to maritime progress.
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The Indian Register of Shipping (IRS) is celebrating its 50th anniversary with the debut of a commemorative logo that represents progress and looks towards the future. The logo features a compass and collaborative motifs, symbolizing movement and evolution over the past five decades. The organization also introduced a new slogan, “Powered by Passion, Driven by Values,” emphasizing excellence, commitment, and enthusiasm as core values.

In addition to the logo and slogan, IRS unveiled a new flag that reflects its commitment to global maritime interests. A teaser video was also released, offering a preview of an upcoming corporate video. Executive Chairman Mr. Arun Sharma expressed gratitude to stakeholders, partners, and employees for their support over the years, stating that the initiatives reaffirm IRS’s dedication to advancing maritime progress.

As part of the anniversary celebrations, IRS will host various events and collaborations to solidify its position as a leader in vessel classification and certification. The organization aims to honor its heritage while exploring new opportunities for growth and innovation in the maritime industry.

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