Torqeedo Integrates Ocean-Bound Plastics into Emission-Free Boating Products

Torqeedo is leading the way in sustainability by integrating ocean-bound plastics into their emission-free boating products. With a new Advanced Engineering Team testing recycled materials, they aim to reduce CO2 impact by over 80% while maintaining product quality. This initiative marks a significant step towards a circular plastic economy in the marine industry.
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Torqeedo GmbH, a leading manufacturer of electric and hybrid drives for the marine market, is taking steps towards a more sustainable marine industry by integrating ocean-bound plastics into its emission-free boating products. Every year, 14 million tons of used plastics end up in waterways and oceans, causing harm to wildlife and the environment. Torqeedo has established an Advanced Engineering Team to explore alternative materials, such as recycled ocean-bound PET and PP plastic pellets, to reduce the environmental impact of its marine products.

The team has successfully created prototype propellers made from 100% recycled ocean plastics, surpassing benchmarks in environmental and stress testing. By using recycled materials, Torqeedo is not only diverting plastic waste but also contributing to the development of a circular plastic economy. CEO Fabian Bez believes that integrating ocean plastics into products can be done without compromising quality, and the company aims to have products containing ocean-bound plastics on the market within the next year.

Torqeedo’s efforts to lower the environmental impact of boating are part of a larger initiative to build a more sustainable marine industry. By leading the way in using recycled materials, the company is helping to transform used plastics from trash to treasure. The establishment of the Advanced Engineering Team reflects Torqeedo’s commitment to preserving the boating lifestyle while protecting the environment and climate.

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