USCG Approval-Milestone Achieved for Hydrogen-Powered Tugboat Project

M/V Hydrogen One rendering. Illustration credit: Elliott Bay Design Group
Maritime Partners has received a Design Basis Agreement from the US Coast Guard for the revolutionary MS Hydrogen One Tug boat. The vessel will utilize e1 marine hydrogen generator technology, converting stored methanol into hydrogen for electricity generation, reducing emissions and increasing efficiency. This innovative project signifies a shift towards cleaner energy use in the maritime industry.
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Maritime Partners has received a Design Basis Agreement from the US Coast Guard for the MS Hydrogen One Tug boat, which will use e1 marine hydrogen generator technology for its power plant. The innovative design of the tug boat includes advanced fuel cell technology that converts stored methanol into hydrogen, which then generates electricity for the ship. A successful test of this technology was conducted in Gothenburg, Sweden in June 2023, showing potential for being the sole source of electricity generation for ship propulsion.

The agreement brings Maritime Partners one step closer to implementing the Hydrogen One as the world’s first ship to utilize hydrogen generator technology, which will significantly reduce emissions and increase efficiency in the maritime industry as it strives to decarbonize. The company worked with various industry partners to meet U.S. Coast Guard requirements, ensuring the vessel is in compliance with regulations such as Subchapter M and IMO 2030.

Maritime Partners is committed to developing and deploying sustainable, clean energy solutions, with the Hydrogen One project serving as a model for the entire maritime industry’s transition to cleaner and more efficient alternative fuel options. The DBA guarantees adherence to a framework agreed upon with the US Coast Guard, covering the design, layout, and technical aspects of the power system and safety systems for the towing vessel, ensuring its certification and regulatory compliance.

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