WinGD unveils new short-stroke motor design following successful workshop test

WinGD To Debut Short-Stroke Engine Design After Successful Shop Test
Swiss shipping company WinGD is set to install the first XS short-stroke engine design in March after successful tests with Dalian Marine Diesel. The XS series offers fuel efficiency and is ideal for vessels requiring compact, high-efficiency engines. With a focus on cost savings and adaptability to different fuel options, the XS series is poised for strong adoption in the market.
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Swiss shipping company WinGD is set to install its new XS short-stroke engine design in March after successful factory acceptance tests with engine builder Dalian Marine Diesel. The six-cylinder 6X62-S2.0 engine with a 62 cm bore will be installed on a pulp tanker being built at the COSCO Dalian shipyard for a Chinese owner. The XS Series engines are designed to provide a compact, simple design with best-in-class fuel efficiency for a range of fuel options including LNG, methanol, and ammonia.

Volkmar Galke, sales manager at WinGD, highlights the cost advantages and high efficiency of the new XS engines, especially for vessels that benefit from short-stroke engines. The XS combination of shorter stroke length and higher engine speed allows for smaller propellers to generate similar power to long-stroke engines with similar cylinder bores, making it ideal for vessels with shallow drafts or lower main deck heights. The XS Series is expected to see strong adoption as the global fleet of short-stroke commercial vessels renews.

In addition to reducing fuel consumption, the XS engines also offer efficiency advantages in terms of operating costs due to their robust and lightweight design. The engines have longer overhaul intervals compared to previous short-stroke generations, making maintenance simpler. WinGD is also working on equipping the XS engines with Variable Compression Ratio (VCR) technology for further efficiency improvements, with the first installation for a pure car/truck transporter currently in progress.

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