News Bulletin – 10 April 2021

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09 Apr

1. Liberian Registry Introduces Online Services for Seafarers

09 April 2021 : The Liberian Registry has unveiled two new online platforms that aim to give seafarers easier access to apply for documents and credentials, and for taking Liberian license and upgrade examinations.The first platform is designed to allow seafarers to directly apply online for their seafarer documents necessary for sailing aboard Liberian flagged vessels at, the Liberian Registry completely overhauled and modernized its license examination and upgrading process by creating an entirely new learning management system for eligible seafarers to be able to take their license examinations online.

2. ICS: New guidance on maritime security

09 April 2021 : Shipping continues to face threats such as piracy, kidnapping and terrorism. Ship operators need to stay alert to security risks and recognize that threats are continually evolving and demand constant vigilance.To assist the shipping community in preparing for these challenges the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) has launched the first edition of Maritime Security: A Comprehensive Guide for Shipowners, Seafarers and Administrations.

08 Apr

3. Rotterdam solution for empty containers

08 Apr 2021 : Some twenty million sea containers move across our planet, carrying freight to every corner of the globe. After being unloaded at their destination port, 40% of the containers continue over land, while 20% are returned empty by sea. The Rotterdam firm K-tainer has come up with a new sustainable alternative to this procedure: one-way containers. This solution helps avoid unnecessary costs and carbon emissions.

4. Mr. Arun Sharma of Indian Register of Shipping (IRClass) Receives India’s Highest Maritime Recognition – Varuna Award

08 Apr 2021 : Indian Register of Shipping (IRClass), an international ship classification society, is delighted to announce that its Executive Chairman, Mr. Arun Sharma, has received India’s most prestigious maritime award, Varuna award, at the 58th edition of National Maritime Day. The nomination for the award was done unanimously by various maritime industry bodies.This highest maritime honour, instituted by the National Maritime Day Celebrations (“Central Committee”), recognises and honours individuals for their sustained and outstanding contribution to Indian maritime sector, as well as exhibiting strong leadership skills and decision-making that has inspired positive changes to the industry.

07 Apr

5. Transforming Philippine maritime education

07 Apr 2021 : If there is anything which a good majority of the maritime stakeholders would agree on, it would be that maritime education is primarily focused on developing competent seafarers according to international and national standards. Undoubtedly, the seafaring industry offers substantial benefits not only to seafarers and their families but also to this archipelago struggling to provide the basic needs of its citizens. The seafarers’ foreign exchange remittances translate into improved balance-of-payment and contribute to socio-economic gains for the government and the population.

06 Apr

6. Modern Technologies to keep Indian Shipping Future Ready

06 Apr 2021 : India’s National Maritime Day is conducted on 5th April every year since 1964 to commemorate the maiden voyage of an Indian owned ship “SS Loyalty” of Scindia Steam Navigation from Mumbai to London on the 5th April 1919. This voyage established an Indian representation in the British controlled sea routes. With such key pro-independence efforts, the shipping trade was well-established post- independence and today India boasts of vibrant shipping industry. India has now twelve major and two hundred non-major ports, with these ports handling 95 per cent of the international trade for India. India provides about 9 per cent of the seafarers to global shipping and is the third-largest marine manpower hub. The National Maritime Day is an occasion to remember the doyens of the shipping industry, along with the courageous seafarers and the institutions which have evolved to make this industry vibrant.

7. National Maritime Day: Know About The Day Dedicated To Indian Seafarers

06 Apr 2021 : India is marking the National Maritime Day today. A day dedicated to Indian seafarers, National Maritime Day is an opportunity to say “Thank You” to the navy men in the country who work round the clock to ensure seamless transportation of essential goods. International trade and commerce would come to a standstill without the seafarers who spend months at a stretch on the ship. Amid the pandemic, the seafarers risked their lives and brought back thousands of Indians who were stranded in other countries due to the coronavirus-forced lockdown. National Maritime Day is celebrated every year on April 5 since 1964.

05 Apr

8. Coronavirus and seafarer mental health – the good news

05 Apr 2021 : As so many have said, we live in unprecedented times. First, we have been confronted with a physical health crisis, followed by a hard-hitting economic crunch. So it’s no surprise that we now face the stark reality of a possible mental health crisis.

We don’t have to research academic journals to recognise the strain the pandemic has put on our mental health; we just have to reflect on our own anxieties and experiences over the last year. Being locked up, isolated, socially distanced, uncertain and anxious is a reality we are now all too familiar with. As a result, mental health issues have been catapulted into the spotlight like never before.

9. India – National Maritime Day: 58th edition to highlight India’s growth in the maritime domain; Know more

05 Apr 2021 : The Indian Navy Day is celebrated on December 4; the World Maritime Day is observed on the last week of September on Thursday annually and in India the National Maritime Day is celebrated on April 5. Each year there are different themes for the civilian shipping sector.Every year on April 5, the National Maritime Day is celebrated, in an effort to create awareness in supporting safe and environmentally sound intercontinental commerce and the global economy. This day focuses on defending and preserving the maritime zone of the country.

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