Christiania Shipping Launches Signol Behavior Change Service for Fuel Efficiency

Christiania Shipping launches Signol, a behavior change service, in a fuel efficiency project using StormGeo data to increase crew members' fuel-saving actions. The project aims to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by engaging crew members through a web app and communication service to identify and act on fuel-saving opportunities.
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Christiania Shipping has launched a behavior change service called Signol in a fuel efficiency project that aims to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by helping crew members take fuel-saving actions more often. The project will run across 18 chemical and gas tankers and focuses on how crew behavior affects fuel consumption. Christiania is further developing its approach to decarbonization by incorporating data simulations, monitoring tools, and AI-powered propulsion.

Signol will engage around 70 crew members across the vessels through a web app and communication service to act on fuel-saving opportunities. The project with Christiania, supported by technology provider StormGeo, identifies operational processes where crew members can save fuel, such as engine maintenance and efficient use of auxiliary engines. Signol’s service uses behavior change techniques to encourage seafarers to think and act differently, resulting in significant fuel savings exceeding 5% in the maritime sector.

Christiania’s CEO, Fridtjof Eitzen, expresses satisfaction with the rollout of Signol’s service across the fleet, highlighting the significant reductions in vessel emissions achieved without capital investment. The partnership between Signol and Christiania demonstrates a commitment to decarbonization and operational efficiency in the maritime industry, with the project marking the first time Signol has used StormGeo data to build out its behavior change service for a client.

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