IMO’s MSC Addressing Maritime Safety Challenges

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The 108th session of the International Maritime Organisation’s Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) began in London, with discussions addressing a wide range of crucial maritime safety issues. These include enhancing maritime security in areas such as the Red Sea region plagued by ship attacks, navigating the era of autonomous shipping, and developing a green shipping strategy to combat climate change.

One key focus of the discussions is the rising threat to security in the Red Sea region, with the committee working on concrete measures to decrease risks and protect seafarers. Furthermore, the committee is delving into the development of a code for Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS) to ensure safety standards amidst advancements in autonomous vessels. Additionally, efforts are being made to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through a safety regulation framework.

The MSC’s agenda also encompasses human elements by addressing violence, harassment, and assault in the maritime sector. Modifications to certification standards and safety protocols are underway to enhance protection for seafarers and establish unified qualifications in the fishing industry. With a multifaceted strategy focusing on various maritime challenges, the MSC aims to create a safer and more sustainable maritime environment, with stakeholders anticipating impactful outcomes from the ongoing session.

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