Shipshave’s ITCH Solution: Independent Testing Confirms Coating Safety

Independent laboratory testing by Shipshave confirms no decrease in hull coating thickness with their In-Transit Cleaning of Hulls (ITCH) solution. Tests on various anti-fouling coatings show no impact on thickness, with only negligible increase in surface roughness. This innovation is gaining traction for fuel savings and environmental benefits in the maritime industry.
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Shipshave’s In-Transit Cleaning of Hulls (ITCH) solution has been tested by an independent laboratory, Endures, which confirmed that there is no decrease in the thickness of hull coatings after repeated brushing with the system. The testing involved coated panels with different anti-fouling coatings exposed to natural sea water and simulated one year of monthly cleaning. The results showed no decrease in coating thickness, making ITCH a safe tool for removing fouling without damaging the coating.

The ITCH system, a semi-autonomous hull-cleaning robot, can be deployed underwater by a ship’s crew and has shown positive results in real-life usage, leading to increased fleet-wide implementation by major clients like Stolt Tankers and Teekay Tankers. The system not only reduces fuel consumption and emissions due to reduced hull drag but also cuts hull inspection and maintenance costs, eases CII compliance, and limits the transfer of invasive species between ports. The CEO of Shipshave, Aage Hoejmark, emphasized that the lab results validate the system’s effectiveness and address industry concerns about coating impact.

The positive test results have attracted industry interest and support from coating suppliers and shipowners, who see ITCH as a reliable solution for hull cleaning that enhances operational efficiency and decarbonization. Shipshave is committed to continual improvement and transparency to ensure their technology remains at the forefront of industry advancements, providing a sustainable and high-performing solution for the maritime industry. The comprehensive and detailed test report from Endures is expected to encourage wider adoption of the ITCH system and increase trust in its capabilities within the market.

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